2016 AAA AGM Agenda and NEC Reports

The Annual General Meeting of members of the Australian Archaeological Association will be held during the annual AAA conference on Wednesday, 7 December 2016 from 4.30 pm – 6.00pm, in the Harry Kendall 1 Room, Level 1, Crowne Plaza Terrigal.

The 2016 reports of the association can be downloaded here.  Please note that no hardcopy versions will be provided this year.

The 2015 AGM minutes can be reviewed on the AAA website here.


AGM Agenda

1.  Welcome
2.  Apologies
3.  Minutes of the previous AGM (Fremantle, 3 December 2015).
4.  Business arising from previous minutes
5.  Reports

5.1  President
5.2  Secretary
5.3  Treasurer
5.4  Membership Secretary
5.5  Journal Editors
5.6  Webmaster
5.7  Social Media
5.8  Media Liaison Officer
5.9  Indigenous Liaison Officers
5.10  State Representatives
5.11  Student Representatives
5.12  Australian National Committee for Archaeology Teaching and Learning (ANCATL)
5.13  Code of Ethics subcommittee
5.14  National Archaeology Week subcommittee
5.15  Student Awards subcommittee
5.16  Discussion arising

6.  Remuneration of Servants of the Association

7.  Other Business

7.1  AAA Conferences
7.2  AAA Public Fund
7.3  Establishment of the International Scientific Committee and Australian Delegation for Rock Art of ICOMOS in a relationship with AAA
7.4  Discussion regarding recent exchange on OzArch re Wikipaedia releasing details of site locations
7.5  Discussion regarding legislation, avoidance of impact and broader guidance principles

8.  Election of Officers of the Committee

8.1  Social Media
8.2  Media Co-officer
8.3  Public Officer
8.4  National Archaeological Week committee
8.5  Confirmation of 2016 co-opting of Secretary and Treasurers
8.5.1  Secretary – Jo Thomson
8.5.2  Treasurers – Aaron Fogel and Kelsey Lowe
8.6 State reps
8.7  Student reps

9.  Close of Meeting