The draft Detailed Program at 2nd December 2016 is now available here!

The draft program summary is available here.

Please note this program is subject to change.

2016 Oral Abstracts available here.

2016 Poster Abstracts available here.

2016 Session Themes (abstracts

  • Aboriginal Relationships with River Country: Archaeological, Anthropological and Indigenous Perspectives on the Aboriginal Heritage of the Murray Darling Basin
  • Australian Heritage Legislation Discussion: Is it Time to Weave Indigenous and Historic Heritage Legislation Together?
  • Bridging the Divide: The Use of Multi-Media in Connecting Indigenous and Western Knowledges in Archaeological Practice
  • Collaborative Efforts between Indigenous Australia Utilising Geospatial Applications to Understand Past Human Behaviour
  • Community-Led Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Planning: The New Normal
  • Cooperative Approaches to Looking After Rock Art: Interweaving Indigenous and Western Knowledges
  • Creating, Reflecting and Protecting Value
  • Entwining People and Place: Bringing Together Indigenous Knowledge and Archaeological Research in Interpreting Ancient and Recent Pasts
  • Heritage Consulting: Weaving Living Culture into Heritage Management
  • Histories of Archaeology in Archaeological Scholarship, Education and Practice: Education from the Past
  • Incorporating Traditional Knowledge into the Science of Zooarchaeology
  • Indigenous Archaeologists Present: Our Work, Our Heritage
  • Linking Past and Present: Coastal Subsistence in Australasia
  • The Clarence and Richmond River Valleys: Interweaving Archaeological and Cultural Connections
  • To Boldly Go: Archaeology for the Future (and Past) of Australia: The 2016 AusTAG session
  • Translating Archaeology into Education: Communities, Conversations and Cultural Heritage in the Tropical World