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Kimberley Visions PhD Scholarship Applications

02nd February 2017





Kimberley Visions is a 5 year (2016-2020) ARC and partner-funded research project (LP150100490) that addresses a fundamental question in the study of human symbolic behaviour – why do human groups share the same artistic traditions and why do these traditions change through time? This project will carry out the first detailed comparative analysis of rock art schema from the Kimberley and Arnhem Land. Kimberley Visions will establish enduring, reciprocal relations between researchers, Indigenous communities and not-for profit partners studying and managing a unique rock art legacy. This collaborative venture will explore sophisticated human responses to social and environmental change in deep time that will provide insights in today’s changing world.

Project team

Lead Chief Investigator: Prof. Peter Veth (UWA). Chief Investigators: Dr. Sven Ouzman (UWA), Dr. Bruno David (Monash), Prof. Andy Gleadow (Melbourne), Sam Harper (UWA: Project Manager/Research Fellow), A/Prof. Martin Porr (UWA) & Dr. Leslie-Zubieta-Calvert (UWA). Partners: Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation, Dunkeld Pastoral, Kimberley Foundation Australia, & Western Australian Department of Parks & Wildlife.


Kimberley Visions invites applications for 3 PhD research scholarships on:

Scholarship 1: North-Eastern Kimberley Rock Art Analysis

This focus area deals with exploring iconography and style within the NE Kimberley research region in relation to adjacent rock art provinces. Sub-topics can include: researching how rock art, place and identity triangulate; how rock art is an active mechanism by which people manage social and environmental change; and how rock art may contribute to sustainable heritage futures. Supervising institution: UWA.

Scholarship 2: Occupation Records at Rock Art Sites

This focus area deals with establishing occupation histories and human adaptations to place from excavated and related material from key rock art and occupation sites in the NE Kimberley. Sub-topics can include: linking excavated to recorded rock art assemblages; and comparison of excavated assemblages across the research region to identify change and continuity . Supervising institution: UWA.

Scholarship 3: Legacy Rock Art Data Analysis

This focus area deals with a large body of rock art already recorded from the Victoria River region, a key linkage area between the Kimberley and Arnhem Land. The thesis would aim to analyse existing detailed rock art recordings, with the possibility of systematic analyses of patterns of superimposition; statistical comparisons between the three major rock art regions; and constructing a robust database that facilitates comparisons between rock art regions. Supervising institution: Monash University.


Candidates will have the benefit of working on data from over 250 rock art sites and 6 excavations conducted in 2016; as well as conducting primary fieldwork in the Kimberley to collect their own data.



Step 1              Interested candidates should contact Sam Harper, Sven Ouzman, Peter Veth, or Bruno David for initial discussion on proposed PhD work on Kimberley Visions. Applicants should have a research background and a minimum of a 2A for their Honours/Masters degree.

Step 2              If agreement on a potential research topic is reached, submit a CV, academic transcripts and a 1-page statement of interest and topic outline.

Step 3              Applications will be adjudicated and candidates informed of outcomes. Successful candidates would be expected to commence in the first half of 2017, subject to acceptance into the UWA & Monash PhD programmes.

Opening Date for application: 1 February, 2017; Closing date for application: 28 February, 2017


In addition to the 3 Kimberley Visions PhD scholarships, Honours, Masters and PhD candidates are encouraged from 2017-2020 with funding through:

Research Training Program (former Australian Postgraduate Award) Successful applicants receive a scholarship package of up to $29,000 per annum (with UWA top-up) paid as a fortnightly stipend for up to 2 years (Masters) or 3.5 years (PhD). Open: 1 April 2017, Deadline: 21 May 2017. Details: Scholarships

Forrest Scholarships @ UWA. Forrest Scholars receive a scholarship package worth > AU$45,000 per annum for up to four years. 2017 application round: TBA. Details:

International Research Training Program (former International Postgraduate Research Scholarship) Successful applicants receive a scholarship package of ~$29,000 per annum (with Int. Postgraduate Living Allowance Scholarship) including tuition, stipend & health care for up to four years. Open: 1 April 2017, Deadline: 21 May 2017. Details: here.


Successful candidates will receive additional fieldwork and research support from Kimberley Visions

For additional information on   scholarships, go to


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Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area Advisory Committee positions

12th January 2017


Dear Colleagues,

The Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area is forming a new Advisory Committee. There are three positions available for Scientific Representation for specialists with expertise in archaeology, geomorphology, physical anthropology or environmental science.

If you are interested in applying, go to this link ( for more instructions and information as to the role of the committee.

Nominations close on Sunday 22 January 2017.


For any queries contact:

Dan Rosendahl Executive Officer,

Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area

Phone: 03 5021 8908 or 0417 204 237