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Emus in the Stars.

Read more about Australian Indigenous astronomical knowledge here


Burial mounds offer archaeologists a mound of information … Read more here.


Stone artefacts have fascinated archaeologists for centuries.

Our latest blog post features recent research on them.


Footsteps of our Ancestors.

Read about new research into Australia’s very own ancient footprint site here.

Bora Ceremonies and the Great Emu in the Sky

emu1Based on Fuller, R.S., D.W. Hamacher, and R.P. Norris 2013 Astronomical orientations of Bora ceremonial grounds. Australian Archaeology 77:30-37.

By Michelle C. Langley


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AA78 (June 2014) is now available!

AA78 coverAustralian Archaeology
Year: 2014
Month: June
Number: 78
Heather Burke and Lynley A. Wallis (p.iii)
Pigment geochemistry as chronological marker: …
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Why Burials Offer a Mound of Information on Past Individuals and Communities

Gillman-Burials_ThumbnailBased on Littleton, J., K. Walshe and J. Hodges 2013 Burials and time at Gillman Mound, northern Adelaide, South Australia. Australian Archaeology 77:38–51.

By …

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